Ramona + Thorn

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Meet Ramona & Thorn

Thorn messaged me, asking if I could help him plan a surprise proposal. Ramona and I have been friends since elementary school. She models for me often, so it only seemed natural we would tell her that I needed her new family to come do a family session for me.

Ramona and Thorn met through a mutual friend at work. Thorn has 2 sons and was raising them as a single parent. Ramona effortlessly fell into the mom role and took his boys in like her own. They dated a short 5 months before Thorn knew he had to make her his wife. They are planning a November wedding, in which I’ll be a bridesmaid! I can’t wait, I’m so excited for them.

Back to Ramona’s surprise engagement, a few days before their session another friend of Ramona messaged me saying she was suspicious and thought that Thorn was going to propose. Thorn and I concocted a new plan! We had a family session at the wildlife refuge where we ended on Mount Scott. We brought my fiancé, Edgar, to get in on the plan as well. I told Ramona I needed her to take photos of me taking pictures of the boys so I could post them on my Facebook page and Edgar would take photos of me taking their family photos.

We ended the family session on top of Mount Scott, after we took a few couple and a few family photos, I told them we were done. We were walking towards ours cars when I suddenly stopped and said our code words "LOOK AT THAT BIG BIRD". When they all turned, Thorn took a knee and pulled the ring out. Edgar recorded the whole thing (you can see it on my Tik Tok). While Ramona was suspicious, I think we still managed to give her the perfect surprise. We finished the night by our families having dinner to celebrate!

Ramona and Thorn, I wish you nothing but a lifetime of happiness! I can’t wait to watch your grow your family and I am so excited to see you both through the rest of your milestones.