Ashley + Kenneth

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Meet Ashley & Kenneth

Ashley planned their one year anniversary photos with me in March, unfortunately covid-19 had other plans, so we rescheduled for the beginning of May.

The morning of photoshoot, Kenneth messaged me asking about his proposal. We brainstormed ideas to get the perfect surprise for Ashley. I’m a sucker for a grand gesture, so of course I was so excited!

Ashley says, she had known Kenneth through mutual friends and they had never really spoke. Until one day when Kenneth asked her multiple times to get coffee with him. She says, she ignored him for so long because she was a single mom and was worried about bringing anyone into her sons life. She said that someone sent her flowers at work and after she realized it was him, they went on a date. She introduced him to her son, Bentley and says from that day on, she knew Kenneth was supposed to be with them. Ashley told me, since the beginning of their relationship Kenneth always talked about how she would be his wife one day. She also said Kenneth and Bentley took to each other right away and they’ve been inseparable. She mentioned it was hard for her to transition from being a single mom and it took her a while to learn how to accept help, but says they have grown with one another to come what they now are and what they will become.

These two are one of the sweetest couples I have ever met. Their love for each other radiates, I could see it in the way they looked at each other. They are so easy to be around and their interactions just came naturally. They never stopped playing and laughing together.

We finished our evening session, right at sunset on the top of Mount Scott. Ashley had no idea Kenneth was going to propose. I asked Kenneth to step a few feet behind Ashley, so I can get a photo where she was the main focal point. That is when Kenneth got down on one knee, after taking a few pictures I told Ashley to turn around. She turned around to see Kenneth holding her engagement ring. Ashley was in shock, you could see the excitement in her face! Obviously, she said "YES!"

I wish you both many years of love and I am so happy to have each other. I can’t wait to see you two grow together.