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Love at First Swipe

A little backstory on Kaitlyn and Garrett's love story. When I asked about their relationship they told me they had been together for 2 years, Kaitlyn said they had met on Tinder, (which how modern and cute is that?!). She told me they were both looking for a serious relationship and clicked immediately.

A few months ago, Garrett messaged my instagram asking if I could help him set a surprise proposal for his girlfriend Kaitlyn. Of course, I agreed. We went through many scenarios on how we could keep Kaitlyn from getting suspicious. Garrett decided he would like me to set up a “giveaway” on my facebook page that he would “win”.

With a plan in place in June, we planned the “giveaway” for July and shoot in August. Garrett was right, with this plan Kaitlyn had no idea. Garrett told me weeks prior to our shoot that his mom had almost given away the secret, but luckily they were able to save it and keep Kaitlyn off the trail.

We met and started our photoshoot in the refuge. Kaitlyn had mentioned how she was so surprised they actually won the giveaway and how they usually don’t win things. The chemistry between Kaitlyn and Garrett was undeniable. They were so much fun to take photos of and made my job super easy.

Garrett decided on a mountain top proposal, which is one of the best places in Oklahoma to propose. We made it to the top of the mountain right before the sunset. I hustled them to the spot, we snapped a few photos. I then told Kaitlyn she would stand in front of Garrett and he would stand behind her, (our signal for him to know it was go time). Garrett took a knee and then I told Kaitlyn to turn around and hug Garrett. As soon as she realized what was happening, she was immediately in tears. It wasn’t until after our session when we were talking, did Kaitlyn realize that the giveaway was a setup.

Kaitlyn and Garrett are one of the sweetest couples I have met, I cannot wait to see them married! I wish you both a lifetime full of happiness and love!

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